Ivorian striker, Didier Drogba couldn’t save his current club, Montreal Impact, as they crashed to fellow MLS side, Toronto FC.

The team which were off to a fairly good start with just two losses in six games lost in the striker’s first start of the season after returning to full fitness. The club were in first place before the encounter but have dropped to second place due to goals’ difference. Philadelphia currently lie at the top of the league with same 12 points as Impact but a higher goal difference of three over Impact’s two.

Didier Drogba finally made his first start of the season. The 38-year-old legend opted to sit out for four of the first six games this year because they were played on turf, and he was not very fit for the games due to the injury that kept him out since the pre-season. On grass, he played a sub twice — once in Dallas and then last week in Chicago where he delivered an equalizing goal only minutes after coming on.

Many fans were expecting the Impact to struggle out of the gate this year because Drogba wasn’t playing. After all, last season, before Drogba arrived, the Impact were limping along and didn’t appear to be on track for a playoff spot but Drogba’s presence nearly single handedly turned it around.  Continue reading “DIDIER DROGBA COULDN’T SAVE IMPACT AS THEY LOST TO TORONTO”

Are artificial pitches such a huge problem like Drogba say they are?

Didier Drogba continues making outstanding performances and for a player who is 38 years old, the Ivorian attacker has truly managed to mark his name in the history-books of football. The veteran player is mostly known for what he accomplished with his former club, Chelsea where he was able to lift the Champions League and 4 Premier League titles as well as other European titles.

It was with Chelsea where Didier Drogba managed to make a name for himself by scoring over 250 goals but his impact continues being felt as he transcends other clubs and still is a hugely influential player even as he joins different teams and squads from over the world.

Drogba’s latest club is Montreal Impact as the Ivorian player joined the Major League Soccer outfit on July of 2015 and he was even named as one of the best performers of the American league in his debut season. The 38 year old player became the first player in the history of MLS to score a hat-trick in their first league start and this just shows the impact that Drogba is able to make with a club that he has never performed in.

The veteran player is having an ongoing issue with MLS and it’s in relation to playing in artificial pitches as he says that it hurts his knees and he has missed out from a number of matches for Montreal Impact.Drogba will only play matches in artificial matches if these are hugely important but he will mostly be staying away from these kinds of pitches and this has even caught the attention of the MLS commissioner Don Garber. Continue reading “Are artificial pitches such a huge problem like Drogba say they are?”

Nicklas Bendtner reckons the only thing that is similar between him and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Nicklas Bendtner reckons the only thing that is similar between him and the Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic is that the two of them are quite genuine and like to say what they actually feel rather than being manipulative, but, success wise, Ibrahimovic is much, much ahead.

Ibrahimovic toppled Bendtner the other day when he found the back of the net twice for Sweden to help them secure a draw in second leg of European championships qualifying playoffs.

The first leg that had been played at the Friends Arena had gone in the favour of Sweden as they had emerged victorious there by a margin of 2-1. So, on aggregate, they remained ahead and that ensured their passage to the main tournament.

Bendtner, at the conclusion of the tie, spoke highly of Ibrahimovic and showered praise on the star striker for having as brilliant a career as he has had in the game.

In the press conference, Bendtner was quoted as saying, “I am a bit similar to Zlatan in the sense that I am equally authentic and I don’t hold back with my words. But, that is it. I can’t match him as far as the success is concerned.” Continue reading “Nicklas Bendtner reckons the only thing that is similar between him and Zlatan Ibrahimovic”

Didier Drogba made his return to Stamford Bridge in July of 2014

Didier Drogba made his return to Stamford Bridge in July of 2014 and the main reason why the player stated that he decided on coming back to the Premier League club was to add more pieces of silverware to his collection and it doesn’t look like he will have to wait for a very long time before accomplishing his objective as Chelsea are leading the way in the Premier League.

“I’m not coming here to break records; I just want to win trophies. Five years is a long time not to win the Premier League, so I want to win it. To lift the Premier League trophy is a fantastic feeling and we haven’t experienced it for a few years, it’s too long for a club like ours.’’

“I missed the Premier League, which for me is the best in the world. It’s true the German league is on the way up but the English league has been the best over the last decade and I’m really looking forward to playing the first game.” Didier Drogba told the media as the experienced player stated that he missed being able to compete and having the chance to win the English title.

The contract of Didier Drogba expires at the end of the current season but even when his playing career at Stamford Bridge concludes, Jose Mourinho has stated that the player will be given a permanent job at the Premier League club. Continue reading “Didier Drogba made his return to Stamford Bridge in July of 2014”

Didier Drogba thanks Frank for Positive Influence

Didier Drogba has thanked Frank Lampard for being such a great influence in his career both on and off the field. The Chelsea striker was recently honoured by the football writers for being such an icon in English football.

The 36-year-old is the highest goal scorer from Africa in the English league. He continues to set an example in his second spell at Chelsea. The forward has already had a big say in great against the likes of Tottenham and Manchester United. Things were not all rosy when Drogba came to Stamford Bridge in 2004 for a fee of £ 24 million.

He was immediately written off as a flop after failing to score enough goals in his opening six months. However, he took the leadership provided by John Terry and Frank Lampard as an example. Continue reading “Didier Drogba thanks Frank for Positive Influence”

Jose Mourinho secures every League in England except one

The Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has a fantastic record at almost all the venues in England, but, there is one venue where he hasn’t been able to secure even one league victory so far and that is St. James’ Park.

The 51-year old Portuguese has ended on the winning side only twice at that Stadium and both those wins have come in the Cup.

According to Mourinho, whenever the Magpies turn up against Chelsea at home, they put in much more effort than what they put in versus the other sides.

The previous afternoon, Mourinho was quoted as speaking, “The Newcastle guys play versus us as if their lives are at stake. They don’t tend to go that hard versus the other oppositions.”

“It might be because we have turned into one of the strongest teams in England in the recent times. We are the ones that everyone is looking to defeat and I don’t mind it. It’s actually a good thing. If they try their hardest when they are up against us, it means we’re special.”

“And, it’s not the case with Newcastle only. There’re certain other teams who don’t play every game with the same amount of energy and enthusiasm. However, for us, every game has equal importance and every game has to be played with the intention of winning. I always tell my players, no matter who the opposition is, the concentration level should always be the same. But, the others, I believe, don’t think that way.”

When asked which ‘other teams’ he is talking about, Mourinho said. “Have a look at the games on TV and you would find out. If not, you can disagree to what I am saying.”

Chelsea will face Newcastle United this Saturday.