Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi vs Rooney vs Drogba best players in the world

my greatest video yet. undoubtadly the four best players in the world proper now at the 4 greatest clubs. who wins? you choose. Dismiss TAGS: Cristiano Ronaldo phenomenon Theo Walcott Arjen Robben Thierry Henry Didier drogba Fernando Torres Wayne Rooney Lionel Messi Fastest footballers in the globe who is the fastestNetherlands vs Spain WM WC Finale Netherlands vs Germany WM WC Finale Germany vs Spain Uruguay vs Netherlands Spain vs Paraguay one: Argentina vs Germany :4 Uruguay vs Ghana 5:3 Netherlands vs Brazil two:1 Spain vs Portugal one: Paraguay vs Japan five:three Brazil vs Chile three: Netherlands vs Slovakia 2:1 Argentina vs Mexico 3:one Germany vs England 4:1 USA vs Ghana one:two Uruguay vs South Korea 2:one Switzerland vs Honduras : Chile vs Spain one:2 Portugal vs Brazil : one: Greece vs Argentina :2 Nigeria vs South Korea 2:2 France vs South Africa 1:2 Mexico vs Uruguay :1 Spain vs Honduras 2: Portugal vs North Korea seven: Brazil vs Cote D’Ivoire 3:1 Slovenia vs USA 2:2 Germany vs Serbia :1 France vs Mexico :two Greece vs Nigeria 2:1 Argentina vs South Korea four:1 South Africa vs Uruguay :3 Spain vs Switzerland :1 Honduras vs Chile :1 Brazil vs North Korea two:one Portugal vs Cote D’Ivoire : New Zealand vs Slovakia one:one Italy vs Paraguay one:one Japan vs Cameroon 1: Netherlands vs Danmark two: Germany vs Australia 4: Serbia vs Ghana :1 Algeria vs Slovenia :one England vs USA one:one Argentina vs Nigeria one: South Korea vs Greece two: Uruguay vs France : South Africa vs Mexico 1:one FIFA Globe CUP 2010
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25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi vs Rooney vs Drogba best players in the world”

  1. dude…. rooney,ronaldo,messi r young… drogba is old… u make a video with drogba,zidane,beckham,robeto carlos…. 😛

  2. let me tell you.
    football is not a game of goals and awards..
    its jst a game of winning your team..
    u dnt play alone..u play with 11 players..
    and i think by far there r only 2 best players of this century..
    messi and rooney..
    they hav proper skills, passing techniques, powerfull shoots, etc.
    not lik that gay ronaldo who alwayz falls down.. evn refree doesnt giv a fowl.
    he never celebrates wid his team mate if he doesnt scores.
    he plays for himself. he needs only money n fame

  3. @Nani17CR7 …..bcoz messi is something else……he cant be compared to these players ……..messi is frm another planet ……..

  4. @andrei9890 he didnt get the point he a retard ” he not even in the top 10 you retard ” lol

  5. @Nani17CR7 nigga fuck you messi is gay you should change your name then dick face hahaha and jorgemnz30 you make the biggest piont off this video CR7 can juke the shit out of messi for yo info have you even watched the video lol discrace =[ we all now cr7 is the best soccer player in the universe hahahaha you crack me up!

  6. in the season 2006-07 Drogba was the top scorer and he didn’t take not even one penalty shot, all the goals he scored was by himself !! now that’s a top player !! and let’s don’t forget that’s Mourinho who found him and Mourinho who made him a top player!!

  7. @jorgemnz30 I am going to delete your comment because we all know and deep down, even you know, that Drogba is not the best.

  8. great vid, but you could’ve found better messi, had more drogbar, and more and better ronaldo

  9. @cfais5 true but rooney still young player can be better then drogba later but the rest is true

  10. @naarayanan010010 Rooney WAS the best but now he is lazy and kinda fat. hes only a good striker. Hes getting kinda old

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