Didier Drogba Interview

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba gives his reaction soon after scoring a hat trick and claiming the golden boot after the Blues victory over Stoke
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25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Interview”

  1. i’m scared of that baby because i know in the future he is gonna score on my team arsenal 🙁

  2. Thumbs up if u didn’t get a single word, because u were too busy staring at that baby!

  3. @txt2k3 whos taking shots the baby ugly i thought that drogba would have a better looking kid maybe the mom ugly

  4. @janenigga WOW taking shots at a baby you’re real tough. I bet Didier would break your face if you said that to him.

  5. love drogba! a master! but he’s SOOO from africa lol “drogba, say africa” DROGBA: “AHHHHHFREEKA!”

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