25 thoughts on “A Funny Soccer Incident – Lehmann vs Drogba scuffle…”

  1. @TheFabregasHater if it were known by any other name would it still not be a game for delicate fancy boys in frilly knickers?

  2. @KingCookieOnTour Look at them, it is ridiculous. Grown men acting like that should be ashamed of themselves.

    They are a disgrace to the sport and continue to make if nothing morer than an absolute joke.

    Hey referee, he breathed on me and broke my ankle..booo hoo hooo!!!

  3. This is why soccer will always be a sport for diving girls in frilly panties.

  4. @theoneandonly690 I do quite well, I own my own company and have over 70 employees. I have it set up so I only put in about 12 hours a week. I spend the rest of my time playing golf and whatever else I feel like.

    I can always make as much or as little money as i want, but they will always be stupid.

  5. @Midnightrambler3760 so what…they still earn a shit load more money than you ever will……..

  6. not gonna lie from watching other videos as well i wouldn’t fuck with drogba, he can be one angry man

  7. @Midnightrambler3760 who cares no one goes to see footballers take general knowledge tests, they pay to see them play football. and considering the amount of money they earn i doubt they give a shit about general knowledge tests anyway

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