The Comparisons can be Fruitful for the Football World

In the case of Romelu Lukaku, comparisons have tarnished his reputation and shadowed his achievements until now. Likening to Drogba, he had mentioned that the other player was the idol he looked up to and the same was being made aware by the player, said Romelu Lukaku in December 2015. He also said that they share tips with each other and their relationship as professional players have been on the stronger side since day 1, he quoted.

Drogba could be drafted in any team as a striker by himself fully, and he has also proved it so many times by helping his team win not only matches but titles as well. The way the player strikes the ball shows how strong and brilliant he is in his moves, and he has been the player to act as a clutch in the biggest situations for the team, and he has scored an amazing 10 goals in the 10 trophies that he has won for the team and this has all come in 10 finals. The amazing completeness that he offers to the team is impeccable and that makes him one of the gems to have in any football team.

Even if he does not score a goal, or play out an assist, the sheer presence of him in the team is going to influence the other players in the team, especially the new ones. He is one of the best idols that football has ever got and Lukaku although in a playing different environment from Drogba, is also considered one of the greats of the game. Maybe the only similarity of the two players is that they have an African Heritage and once upon a time, they used to play together at Chelsea and that was one of the best moments in football as well. It will be interesting to see how the team fares because of the player.