English Premiere League- Chelsea crushes West Bromwich Albion 6-0

Write-up by Stephen Lars

Chelsea FC started its 2010-2011 English Premiere League season with an overwhelming victory about the West Bromwich Albion squad, a team that has just recently created it to England’s most prestigious and competitive football league. Let’s just say that this was somewhat of a harsh welcoming party for the Albion.

Chelsea, the Premiere League’s defending champion, proved that they are going to put on a wonderful battle to defend their current title.

Chelsea was surely managing the ball on the Stanford Bridge Stadium. This dominance gave the guys from Chelsea the opportunity to open up the scoring early on the game. Soon after 6 minutes of play, the large likelihood came for the French participant Florent Moluda. He manufactured a excellent solo play and gave Chelsea its first target.

For a instant, following the 1st aim was scored, the English Premiere league defending champions appear to deliver down their guard. For a minute, it was the gamers of West Bromwich who opened up the gap and created their way into Chelsea’s defensive stop. It appeared as if the visiting team was about to tie factors on the sport.

In spite of their evident superiority, the guys from Chelsea held on with a very low profile. Most of the very first half was played under a sluggish tempo. It was not until the final minute in the 1st 50 percent that the residence crew was in a position to increase their lead. Didier Drogba made a wonderful play and brought in the 2nd aim for Chelsea.

Chelsea went on the fifty percent-time break with a great advantage.

In the 2nd 50 % Chelsea pressed from the begin. For their portion, the Bromwich have been unable to match the functionality degree of its opponents.

Drogba made his presence felt once again on the pitch in the 55th minute. With another massive play he went through the opposing defense and fired a powerful shot that went into the again of the web of Scott Carson’s aim.

With a score of 3- in its favor, Chelsea appeared effective and unstoppable. After this objective Albion discovered it very challenging to enter the opposite place.

Encouraged by the substantial target big difference from Chelsea’s devoted to press Albion with rapidly and direct plays. Frank Lampard helped to increase the score to 4- after 63 minutes.

The big variation in the score overshadowed even a lot more the guys from Bromwich. At this level of the match they had been not even capable to move outside of the middle of the area.

Chelsea moved by means of the discipline with total hegemony. West Bromwich Albion was no extended capable to defend alone. Striker Drogba appeared once again in the 68th moment to score his 3rd goal, to make it distinct the he was the gentleman of the match.

Albion could do nothing at all but remain in its location awaiting the arrival of the rivals, who, even with the five- in his favor, did not lower their tempo.

Chelsea’s attacks were so robust and direct that the West Bromwich ran out of energy to protect their very own aim. Malouda, the exact same player that opened the scoring, was commissioned to mark the sixth aim of the game in the 90th minute. This ended the sport with a lopsided 6- in favor of the champions of England.

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