25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba (NEW) best goals”

  1. Didier Drogba is a great player.
    Hopefully he will score more important goals for Chelsea next season.
    I love Chelsea FC and Didier Drogba.

  2. yeah drogba scores at arsenal all the time he is sick and people say that rooney is better then him rooney sucks dick

  3. @233149 no if he was gunna go it was when jose morinhio had left, drogba was on amazing form and when he left he lost it for a while but now hes back playing top football

  4. excellent but will he stay with the english huns ? hell probaly go to spain to either barca or real madrid i reckon within the next year or two

  5. @CommieCotch Rooney? he sucks no goals in the entire world cup. and messi didn’t do any amazing shit either.

  6. Drogba is sick with it. All ronaldos good at is playin with balls and lookin like a girl. Drogba is a beast Ivory Coast niggas.

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