25 thoughts on “Eden Hazard and Didier drogba – Eurosport Interview”

  1. good grief love the interview by just watching but no idea wot was been
    said between those guys any kind heart soul who speaks french could tell me
    wot they are talking about thnks 

  2. Les deux sont des stunna! Glad to see them play together. Vasy bonne chance
    les deux

  3. Translation! Up vote so you everyone can see

    Interviewer “so Eden a 1 all with an away goal that has to be a good result
    isn’t it?”

    Eden “yes it is however I feel that we could of kept it at 1 nil had we
    been a little bit more focused towards the end of the game but they have a
    great players and they showed they are a great club, now we have the return
    leg which is at home so now we have to be at 100% so we can bring a result
    against Galatasary”

    Interviewer “what did you make of the atmosphere here tonight? Did it make
    any difference?”

    Eden “yes it did and it’s always amazing to be in a stadium with a crowd
    like this and it’s a pleasure, after all we are footballers and we like to
    play in stadiums like this with an atmosphere like today and they have
    fantastic supporters”

    Interviewer “we know the advantages Chelsea have at home, you shouldn’t be
    worried should you?”

    Eden “we shouldn’t be worried we are Chelsea! We know our qualities, we
    just need to be focused on the 2nd leg we also have important games before
    the 2nd leg so it’s important we keep our good form that we have at the
    moment in the league and then we shall see what happens”

    Interviewer “Didier, didier with Eden just a couple words, playing with
    Chelsea tonight must of been nice and Eden Hazard must be a nice successor”

    Didier “yes it’s true that it was a special match now it’s a champions
    league so what’s important is the result, I think they should of benefited
    more from our mistakes in the first half, we reacted and regrouped in the
    second half and created some problems”

    Interviewer “Eden says that with the 1 all result and going to Chelsea with
    an away goal should a problem for you to go and get a result at their home

    Didier “yes it should be a problem and when you look at it on paper thy are
    better than us, they have much more experience than us too but they will
    have to play well, the maestro will have to play well and we will go there
    and hopefully make the dream come true”

    Interviewer “the match today was special but I imagine the match at
    Stamford Bridge will be even more special”

    Didier “maybe but first let’s get there”

    Interviewer “surely it’s going to play on your mind”

    Didier “let’s see when we get there”

    Eden “even I’m going to think of you for you”

    Didier “really? there you go, he said it I don’t need to say anymore”

    Interviewer “but 1 all surely it’s still open, you must have more
    confidence than Galatasary”

    Eden “like I said we will be at home, we should be focused and hopefully we
    can play well, we also have important games coming up as well as this one,
    it’s up to us to play well all games”

    Interviewer “you are the maestro as Didier mentioned, but Didier has left a
    major impact at Chelsea”

    Eden “yes everyday Didier Didier Didier Didier we hear it all the time
    we’ve have enough”

    Didier “they’ve had enough leave them alone now!”

    Eden “no but seriously it is a pleasure to play against players of this
    quality and it’s also a pleasure to be in a club that has had players like
    this, it’s a shame I joined a bit late I would of liked to have played
    alongside him, I also think he would of liked to have played alongside me
    but he wouldn’t mention it”

    Didier “it’s true everyone’s talking about it, I’m really happy he is here
    at Chelsea, for his evolution as a player for his career I think all doors
    are open, and he has his cards ready”

    Interviewer “now you will have 2 more special shirts with a friendly with
    Belgium vs The Ivory Coast”

    Didier “well make sure you keep your shirt then we can swap”

    Eden “no problem!”

  4. YouTube auto captions are hilarious; even better when translating from
    French to English.

    “I think they were able to enjoy the first team Muslims…
    Obama for nine hours in the month I think we should take.”
    -Didier Drogba

  5. Hazard is Beldian and Drogba is ivorian, how do these guys know how to
    speak french so fluently? 

  6. Its funny they argued a week later after this postmatch interview on
    international duty…lol

  7. hehehe i understood all of what they said and i can guarantee you that
    Hazard has a great sense of humour. Seems like a really nice guy to get
    along with.

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