Didier Drogba thanks Frank for Positive Influence

Didier Drogba has thanked Frank Lampard for being such a great influence in his career both on and off the field. The Chelsea striker was recently honoured by the football writers for being such an icon in English football.

The 36-year-old is the highest goal scorer from Africa in the English league. He continues to set an example in his second spell at Chelsea. The forward has already had a big say in great against the likes of Tottenham and Manchester United. Things were not all rosy when Drogba came to Stamford Bridge in 2004 for a fee of £ 24 million.

He was immediately written off as a flop after failing to score enough goals in his opening six months. However, he took the leadership provided by John Terry and Frank Lampard as an example.

He especially thanks Lampard for teaching him the way to behave in front of the media. Lampard is seen as one of the greatest ever players for Chelsea. The 36-year-old may be playing with Manchester City now, but he is held in high regard within the Chelsea faithful. Drogba’s first spell at Chelsea brought a return of 157 goals in just 342 matches. He is widely expected to announce his retirement at the end of the season.

“Being around players like Frank and John and to see the way Frank was dealing with the press, always clean, a gentleman, I think it helps. You have to take it as an example and for me he was a big example. I’m very proud because I managed to push things and also that I learned from my mistakes. I tried to learn the culture in order to know them (the media) better, to change. I needed to change the way they were looking at me because it was not the real Didier so I was really sad,” said Drogba.