Didier Drogba Was On You For The Full Game’: Nemanja

Vidic reveals that his toughest opponent was Chelsea’s legend, but Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero were the most talented he faced
• Nemanja Vidic said Chelsea star Didier Drogba as his toughest opponent.
• Ex-Manchester United man Vidic praised Drogba’s physical and work.
• He highlighted Sergio Aguero and Luis Suarez qualities also.
• Drogba currently is in his 40s.
Nemanja Vidic has named Didier Drogba as the toughest opponent, he confronted during his game career. Ex-Manchester United stalwart Vidic made a reputation as one of the finest defenders in the Premier League during his time in England and excellent during a period of domination for Sir Alex Ferguson’s side.

But asked about the hardest opponents, he faced the Serbian name-controlled Chelsea icon Drogba because of his working speed and physical characteristics, as well as listing Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero as two others who made a big impression on him.

In an interview, he said, “People say, you had a difficult game against Torres, “but it was just one game. I walked over, but it changed me and tried to surrender to Edwin [Van Der Sar]. I misjudged the distance and Torres scored. Drogba was tougher. Torres always made a chance to score, but Drogba was on your mind for the full game. Drogba was physically the hardest; [Luis] Suarez and [Sergio] Aguero were the best.” He added.
Vidic who is now 37 years old won five Premier League titles and 2007-08 Champions League with a hugely successful eight-year stint at Old Trafford. He retired from the game in January 2016 after his contract with Inter Milan was terminated with mutual consent. Former enemy Drogba has, meanwhile, managed to extend his career for 40 years and is currently leading the line for the USL side, Phoenix Rising.