Who is sponsoring the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Post by Victoria Kelly

At the starting of the FIFA Planet Cup, we seen there have been fairly a few articles or blog posts written about the Nike versus Adidas marketing campaigns. On the back again of this, we determined to devise a survey to gauge awareness of the sponsorship of the world cup. There had been 5 groups – Airlines, Automotive, Beer, Electrical and Sport – and the survey takers had to decide on the brand name they believed were the sponsors out of a small selection of main manufacturers. In principle, the brands that are supporting the 2010 World Cup ought to have attracted the greatest sum of votes, thus reiterating how advantageous sponsoring a significant function these as the Planet Cup is.

The most anticipated result from the poll was the sports brand name class. Nike and their ‘Write Your Future’ campaign has been a enormous good results both offline and on-line. Their adverts contain appearances from Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba and Ronaldino which generated more buzz than Adidas going into the Earth Cup according to Nielsen. Nike had thirty.2% share of social networking internet sites in contrast to Adidas with 14.4%. Even so, a new table was released which covered the period of time 11th to 25th June (when the Earth Cup had commenced) and uncovered that Adidas had leap-frogged Nike with their Star Wars-themed campaign. This was also reflected in the results of Brand’s survey. 60.9% of voters knew that Adidas have been the official sponsors of the FIFA Planet Cup. Nike did arrive in second area with 34.eight% of the votes.

Most of the other sponsors all arrived best in their classes with a massive majority. Sony topped the electrical category with 52.2% while second positioned Panasonic received 17.four%, Hyundai obtained 34.8% of the votes with BMW shut behind with 16% and Emirates were the resounding winners with 58.three%.

In the beer category, it was a near get in touch with, with Budweiser obtained 47.8% of the votes while Carlsberg obtained 43.5%. Seemingly there may possibly have been confusion as Carlsberg had been the sponsors of the England team and have a lot more established links with English football. Related to Nike, Carlsberg had a huge marketing campaign top up to the Globe Cup. Their ‘If Carlsberg did group talks’ campaign had a lot of Tv coverage and featured heavily on-line prior to the 2010 Earth Cup. Carlsberg also held a street show which travelled across the UK and gave followers an option to meet some of their England 2010 Planet Cup heroes. This reveals how critical a properly-orchestrated marketing and advertising campaign is to the main manufacturers that are competing against one particular an additional to win their very own sponsorship Globe Cup.

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