When Didier Drogba Got A Pat On The Head

Post by Ernest Legrand

I wonder how Drogba is feeling appropriate now understanding that none other Michel Platini has “obtained his back” months soon after the incident that saw him obtaining a three match ban in Europe. If I have been in Drogba’s boots, I’d confident feel like giving him the exact same treatment method I gave Referee Ovrebo on that fateful night time. I truly laughed out loud and I am fairly certain Drogba did too. I indicate, when the incident occurred, why didn’t Platini leap to his defence? Why did he hold mum? Hmmm… possibly he gave the player a personal cellphone call in buy to encourage him.

Michel Platini’s utterances on this situation amount to an attempt at approbating and reprobating. Listen to him “I was like Drogba in the previous when I noticed an injustice as a player”. If my understanding serves me proper, what Platini is declaring right here is that there was in truth, injustice performed by the middle referee on the night.

Previously on, he had said the Television stations centered on Drogba and not the choices. He averred that Drogba showed comportment. In other words, Platini believes that Drogba showed comportment in watch of the fact that he endured the injustice perpetrated by the referee until the end of the match when the Chelsea lost courtesy of a final moment strike by Barcelona FC. Would Drogba have reacted the very same way if they had won the match?

Curiously, Platini later mentioned that he does not know if the referee produced a mistake. Hear him once again “I don’t know regardless of whether the referee made a mistake or not” and as a stick to up, he says if the referee produced a error, he (Platini) will not say so because it is his duty to protect the referees. Hmm… approbating and reprobating again.

Anyway, Platini’s intention was to provide solace for Drogba as he returns to Europe following his three match ban soon after the well-known fiasco with referee Ovrebo in the course of the semi finals of very last season’s Champion’s League. I just believe he ended up opening his mouth as well broad and has allowed area for interpretation of his comments.

I need to say that I value Platini’s efforts at finding Drogba settled for the rest of this Champions League time but then, he ought to know that these kinds of public statements are bound to be scrutinised and looked at from numerous angles.

It comes down to this Platini both believes that Drogba’s actions have been appropriate even although he later on apologised but could not say so at that material time or he is just hoping to get on the excellent side of the player. Possibly way, I would be wary of these kinds of statements if I had been Drogba.

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