Wayne Rooney Vs Didier Drogba – Skills , Goals. HD

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25 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Vs Didier Drogba – Skills , Goals. HD”

  1. i think both of the are worldclass , but there ist just one word to describe drogba T.A.N.K

  2. @LeeSteven1 drogba is better than rooney, but i wouldnt say his a better passer or defender…

  3. le dedicaste mucho mas tiempo a drogba que a rooney siendo que wayne es mejor jugador que didier drogba

  4. are u guys serious??? Rooney can do stuff drogba cant even think of e.g if anyone saw the sunderland game that lob that nearly found the corner, drogba has strength and good shot and finesse whilst rooney has all round attributes

  5. wat am i thinking????? drogba is way better and that last comment i put…. i put that on before watching this video so im srry…. btw drogba kick ass!

  6. im a big fan of drogba but i think rooney is better in this vid and if u think thats im a cunt thats ok but thats wat i think.

  7. Drogba is more accurate and a finisher. Rooney works his ass off all around the field with passes and defending.

  8. Rooney ist deutlich nützlicher für eine Mannschft, aber Drogba ist einfach efektiver, und effizienter.
    Weil er als Stoßstürmer sowohl Schuss, als auch Kopfball hat, was Wayne Rooney nicht aufweisen kann.

  9. Both players are brilliant , that’s all we know:
    Rooney is better in combination / passing and more flexible, he also has a very hard shot. Rooney isn’t the perfect middle-striker, he is better when a 2nd striker plays with him.

    Drogba is physically stronger and more aggressive, he has the typical goalgetter-sense. He may not be as agile as Rooney seems, but he is the perfect MIDDLE-striker in a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1.

    Rooney is better in a 2 striker system, Droga in a 1 real m-striker system

  10. @gl2913a rooney aint better then drogba in headers rooney is ova rated did u see his penalty vs arsenal , drogba is much better then rooney

  11. @LeeSteven1 rooneys a better passer and has a better header
    rooney doesnt dive around like a pussy and he isnt overated at all, he scored over 25 goals in the premier league which shows how good he is


  13. @CowellSL

    Hate to point it out to you, but Drogba went to the Africa Cup, so he gave Rooney a better chance at getting more goals…yet he failed to do it.

  14. Rooney is better, people say Drogba is because he scored more goals last season I can guarantee Rooney would of had like 5 more goals than Drogba if he didn’t get injured, last season everyone was on about Rooney being the best player in the world but this season they say he’s shit but when he gets his form back, i hope soon they will change there mind Rooney will always be great 🙂 But Drogba for the personality 🙂

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