25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry Interviews Didier Drogba In Africa”

  1. @chuckalababe
    Henry is interviewing Drogba on the continent Africa, is he not? Nothing is wrong with the title.

  2. “Thierry Henry interviews Didier Drogba in Africa” Really? You mean they were in all 54 African countries, including the island state of Madagascar??? Doubtful. AFRICA IS A CONTINENT!!! It is made up of many countries, refer to them seperately as they are all DIFFERENT! Dont lump them together. It makes you look ignorant. Smh. It’s so annoying.

  3. c’est une publicite de pepsi cola pour que la popoulation mondial suit facilement ce qu’ils disent pcq l’anglais est la langue universel . les deux joeurs sont meuilleurs

  4. @jay020492 Drogba has dual citizenship; France and Ivory Coast. I was saying if he would have chosen France over Ivory Coast, didnt you watch the video?

  5. Imagine if Drogba and Henry were France’s forwards at the 2006 world cup with Zidane playing them the ball….

    Like this comment if you like those pepsi button ups

  6. i dont think there are a lot of players that can achieve what titi achieve so i would say henry is better than drogba. at the moment drogba is better but henry is at his time was better.

  7. @Zavdak

    obviously you have no valid point, and arent clever enough to argue. p.s. i want you mom out of my shed a.s.a.p

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  9. @sirWayneRooney

    hahahahaha thats the funniest thing ive ever heard, tried typing in “wayne rooney dive” into youtube, hahahahha

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