25 thoughts on “Samuel Eto’o VS Didier Drogba”

  1. 2010 / 2011 Eto’o is the best complete forward in the world (not Including Ronaldo and Messi bcuz they’re not clear forwards)

  2. eto’o é melhor

    a fifa concidero o eto’o o melhor jogador africano por 9 vezes seguidas

  3. Eto’o is better than Drogba no doubt they are both phenomenal players, but Eto’os Champions League records say everything.

  4. Hahahha, how are you all fools? Eto better than Drogba! i believe those all find this video just searching etos name, as i also do the same. I won’t talk much with you fools. just a simple tricks to find you who is the far far better. Go and search Google the both name and you will find it. I could give 1000 more reason why eto’s name , you can even spell besides Drogbas name.

  5. @TheSlapJoker Yh say whatever u Chelsea Hater,Eto’o is doin good but Drogba did become soon famous at around 28,and despite drogba’s age,drogba is still playin amazing, I just think there are alot of haters for the fact that he plays for CHELSEA.Especially u

  6. @TheSlapJoker but eto’o has scored more goals in his career and his younger than drogba. Ayt the moment eto’o is ripping the Serie A drogba aint doing shit

  7. @peterlenigerian,everytime eto plays Chelsea,the English commentator always says this,*and the chelse fans covers their eyes in horror,can you believe it eto’o has done again *lol,listen people Eto’o puts the ball in the back of the net when the game is on the line,meanwhile Drogba is either ejected or crying to the ref after the lost,thats the facts and all u chelsea and ivory coast fans know it.

  8. But these 2 guys are lucky because there was an african player who had both of their attributes in george weah,he was as strong as ,as quick as eto’o,equally as good if not better than drogba in the air but more skilled than both as he could actually dribble and get past players using skills but also his speed.

    I think both eto’o and drogba are better natural goalscorers than weah was but if he was playing now,i would say he would be the best striker in the world if he played for barca,chsea.

  9. Drogba is stronger than eto’o and maybe better in the air and at taking free kicks but eto’o is quicker,more skilled and a harder working but also more versatile but i would say that drogba is likely to be still be doing well in years to come because his gift is more about his physical strength whereas eto’o has now become half the player he used to be because of him losing his pace due to that terrible injury he suffered while on duty for cameroun.

    But to me eto’o is better for big matches.

  10. what are you guys really smoking , no wander you dumb chelsea fans have never won anything,ETO’O is the best stricker in the world.period, but then again maybe you guys are just mad because Eto crusifies chelsea everytime meanwhile drogba is no where to be found

  11. yeag you´re right and you´re a “madrilista i am mexican but y love barca like my 2 team and its obvios barca is the best in world and eto´o i vere very good there is no form to compara an amaterur player like drogba with a legend of barcelona

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