Samuel Eto’o Vs Didier Drogba NEW [HD]

2 OF The Best Strikers In the Planet Samuel Eto’o & Didier Drogba You Decide on Your Favourite Please subscribe like and really feel free of charge as well leave comments
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25 thoughts on “Samuel Eto’o Vs Didier Drogba NEW [HD]”

  1. ETO for sure 32 goals now in all competitions and 7 at CL and he will continue +he has everything what a player need tecnique,speed,power,shoot,header,SCORE,DRIBLES and all what a atker need to have he is the type of fenomeno he isn’t that good but he has his style 😉

  2. They are both friggin awesome, but Eto’o has a much larger trophy cabinet..Both insanely skilled but damn back to back triple’s!!

  3. Eto is more completet as a player…he has won 4 champions leagues….drogba 0……drogba is more poweful but eto is faster and more technique….eto has won 4 times African Player of the Year drogba 2 times… in simple calculations eto is much beter….but they are both great players

  4. @ILIJA38

    Africa’s best player?Both are playing in Europe in case you didn’t notice and are the best in Europe!!So why try to diminish them like that?

  5. @stunner1992 Eto has scored in and knocked out a drogba Team 2 times already.. duh!!

  6. @niltash.. check you facts again. between Eto and Drogba one is fading.. but it sure ain ETO.. hehe.. 23 goals and counting.. currently among the 3 best players in the world

  7. Drogba is far better then Eto’o the only striker that comes close to how powerful Drogba is when facing defenders would be Ibra…and hes not even quite as good as Drogba

  8. @ tiuleiyasing…lmfao. This motherfucker kept talking soccer all along and he is from Malaysia….I am no longer blaming u, because i just understood why u are so retarded….Shut ur ass up next time soon of bitch! And keep ur silly stories of LOW IQ for your own dumb ass.

  9. Who the F#*K is that Asshole tiuleiyasing? you better shut your mouth where people talk soccer…I came to the conclusion that UR ASS DOESN’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT SOCCER… U can swear at Eto’o, but don’t talk dirty trash on Cameroon… The Cameroon Soccer team Made its way to the top,and entered in the history, Etoo was not born yet….Have ever heard about the 1990 World Cup? was Eto’o playing for the team at that time?


  11. @Cdikalo fark off then!!! Loser with such low IQ like u should not even watch football. I do not care how many goals he scored. U just had ur mind blown off bcos u dun admit ur own mistake. But i do. :pppp dun ever watch the same video again.

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