25 thoughts on “Ronaldo vs Drogba”

  1. @L4LBass25 ronaldo can’t do crap in the EPL because he is playing against teams either better or equal to his. But in la liga LOL he owns all those crappy teams.

  2. id love to break ronaldos legs, wouldnt you? he’s a poff, drogba dives, but hes built like a brick shit house, hed batter the fuck out of ronaldo

  3. Lol @ how, Ronaldo’s getting ready to fight, and no1 gives a fuck, and Drogpas just walking away, and everyones full holding him back.

  4. back then i would have said…..Yes Ronaldo would have his handed to him on a plate. However, it would be a close call now.

  5. c ronaldo but of ran away and drogba would of chased him. it woud look like their playing tag

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