Nicklas Bendtner reckons the only thing that is similar between him and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Nicklas Bendtner reckons the only thing that is similar between him and the Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic is that the two of them are quite genuine and like to say what they actually feel rather than being manipulative, but, success wise, Ibrahimovic is much, much ahead.

Ibrahimovic toppled Bendtner the other day when he found the back of the net twice for Sweden to help them secure a draw in second leg of European championships qualifying playoffs.

The first leg that had been played at the Friends Arena had gone in the favour of Sweden as they had emerged victorious there by a margin of 2-1. So, on aggregate, they remained ahead and that ensured their passage to the main tournament.

Bendtner, at the conclusion of the tie, spoke highly of Ibrahimovic and showered praise on the star striker for having as brilliant a career as he has had in the game.

In the press conference, Bendtner was quoted as saying, “I am a bit similar to Zlatan in the sense that I am equally authentic and I don’t hold back with my words. But, that is it. I can’t match him as far as the success is concerned.”

“He has managed to have huge success with all the teams that he has been a part of. He’s been the winner of a number of leagues around the world and at the international level too, he’s put on some extraordinary shows over the years. So, whenever he finishes, he would be happy and satisfied with his achievements. He’s had a wonderful career.”

On his present situation at his club Wolfsburg where he is not starting regularly, Bendtner said, “It’s a little bit frustrating, but, I am waiting patiently for my time.”