Mauro Biello has revealed that Didier Drogba did not turn up

Mauro Biello has revealed that Didier Drogba did not turn up for this weekend’s home game because he was angry.

Drogba was nowhere in sight as the hosts reached the ground and the first word which came from the Montreal camp to explain the absence of the star was the ‘back niggle’.

But, the manager came up with the actual reason later as he blamed Drogba of not being a sport after he got the news of his axe from the XI.

Biello was quoted as, “Didier actually asked to be excused from the match when he came to know he was not going to be on the pitch from the first whistle of the referee.”

“He definitely had that niggle you have been told about, but, he could have carried that. It’s just due to his unwillingness to be a substitute that he opted himself out.”

As per Biello, this kind of thing can’t earn his appreciation because in his opinion, one’s job as a player is to support and cheer for his team mates as well and not only to do well for himself and be happy about himself. However, the 44-year old Canadian wants the matter to be sorted calmly and everyone to get over that.

In Biello’s words, “There was a match on the horizon which we had to get done away with before anything, but, now, I think the matter will probably go to the board and the people who have the authority will look into it with calm heads.”

The Montreal skipper Bernier, however, reckons that Drogba is someone who doesn’t look for an escape and if he is called up by the board, he wouldn’t be afraid to go there and put forward a sound reason in front of them for not attending the match.