25 thoughts on “iambored’s Summer Freekicks Volume 2 Didier Drogba dip + shots Nike Vapor Superfly”

  1. @joKevin2 haha of course. drogba’s on another level compared to me. thanks for the kind words tho!

  2. I saw your juggling video. I’m not a hater but why do you juggle with only one foot? I am 12 years old and i Can do 303 juggles (not showing off hehe :p.) and thats because i juggle with both feet. I Think that you Can do alot more with both feet. Just an advice 🙂

  3. @iambored786 Every Chip shot falls because of the light power. a pure dip shot literally drops. Apparently to you, your chips are dips. but i said the curves were nice.

  4. @RonaldoFreekickerHD wait wut.

    what do you call a ball falling then? and you admitted the shots are good but you still think they suck because i said theyre a certain kind of shot but you think theyre not?

  5. wow, this would be good but the fact that your claiming they dip or curve, just makes it suk so bad because i didnt see one dip. there were a handfull of curves though

  6. @soccermex21 yeah i shouldve used more zoom but i wanted it to be far back. thanks though!

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