How to stay in Football’s Premier league

Write-up by Chris Bailey

How to stay in Football’s Premier league

Congratulations, to all freshly promoted teams, managers and their enthusiasts. Welcome to the Premiership!Each season, a single of the queries that faces managers who have just been promoted from the Championship is, ‘How to keep in the Premiership?’Everyone tells them that they are in a total new ball game but that is about the sum of good assistance and support that they will get.Normally the very first issue managers do is attempt and reinforce their squads. A good notion. However, the choice of players they bring in is considerably curtailed. Premier League players are the order of the day but where will the income arrive from. The Premier League spends all of its transfer millions in Brazil, Spain and France so Championship teams hardly ever before advantage from this lucrative supply of finance. To stay in the Premier league managers need to believe sensible, not just invest a lot of money and overreach. They have to take into account the stats which sooner or later make a decision whether or not their team will get relegated or not. Footballers do it on the pitch – not managers.To steer clear of relegation, teams need a minimal of 36 point – appropriate! That means winning at minimum ten video games and drawing at least an additional six. That’s a tall order for newbies to the Premier League. These are not targets just the harsh actuality. How do you go about doing that when you have to play Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Everton and don’t overlook Manchester City (twice).The enthusiasts relish the opportunity to match their teams from the Premier giants but losing all your games to these teams is no enjoyable, and a precursor to relegation!So what is the managerial tactic? Organise and purge your squad and get ready the remaining players for a season with larger issues and rewards.With tiny money to devote, acquire wisely. Get a few helpful and knowledgeable players in your squad. They ought to be match match and add worth to the crew. Reinforce the back four. The defence that served your group well the earlier time will inevitably be exploited by (Torres, Rooney, Drogba) some of the best players in the planet. A best priority is the goalkeeper. Get your goalkeeper a best Premier league coach and get him ready as your very last line of defence. If your full backs can not kick with equally feet then now is the time to trade up. Bring your players up to velocity on the offside rule and educate them to compete and tackle in a way which avoids free kicks and penalties. What about the strikers. Flip all your players into possible strikers. Add a essential striker if the finances enables due to the fact the rigours of the Premier League will imply your team suffers far more injuries than before.Very good luck.

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