Goals Gameplay & Commentary ft. Didier Drogba & Rene Adler (FIFA 11) Sports

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25 thoughts on “Goals Gameplay & Commentary ft. Didier Drogba & Rene Adler (FIFA 11) Sports”

  1. Whether it was a glitch or not, i fucking love shooting from long range on fifa. It still works on fifa11, its not a glitch if you ask me. The only ‘glitch’, was the finesse shot from around either corner of the area, when cutting inside. 90% of the time, it would go in. 99.99% of the time, it would be on target.

  2. Agree completely. And the worst is when you score a beautiful snipe from like 30 or 40 and then the asshole rages and shuts his xbox off and you don’t get to watch the replay. Loved FIFA 10, ripped shots from 30+ with Gerrard all day, but FIFA 11 does allow a lot of rips as well.

    I will admit though, FIFA WC 2010 was a bit glitchy in the range shots as I scored at least 15 in my career with Portuguese CDM Pepe from just above the half-line.

  3. @kittyboyfan i think its because its the demo so the cleats werent as recent as the cleats that are on the real game. and great vid

  4. yep, long range goals are few annd far between on fif 11, but i like 11 better than 10

  5. jajaj very funny angry man, I totally agree with you about those asshole moderators in the “forums”. “oh my god am so scared,,,, “moderator”…., who tha fuck are you, you fucking asshole!!”

    why those assholes have to complain if the goal are easier… isnt it more funny to have more goals.. in PES 2011 is almost impossible to score a fair goal without Messi.

  6. Love FIFA and yes, it is quite difficult to score those long range goals, which nobody should be complaining about.

    It’s awesome when you get them though 🙂

    Nice gameplay!



  8. its not called a glitch you retards its called the KEEPER FUCKING UP, which guess what… it happens in real life football so it should happen in fifa too. stop whining.

  9. wuz playin Need 4 speed hot pursuit watched this and turned on FIFA straight away im playing it now and have had it since christmas ive only scored 15 of my 77 goal count from outside the box and they were in the semi circle on the box it IS hard and everyone who is talkin bou glitches fuck off crying no one cares.

  10. everything this guy is saying it’s like he’s reading my mind. I hate rage quitters too and whiners about glitches that don’t exist

  11. @MovieLabel DudeI If he wants to score them let him score them get Fifa 11 yourself and then play however YOU want to play

  12. amen brother it really isn’t common u know, long range goals i mean. there pure skill all the ones that got scored on me.

  13. @ machinima long range goals are fun to score but in a real game im happy with any kind of goal. and are you playing on xbox or ps3?

  14. Long range goals are so much fun and there harder to make than those stupid ass headers or 1 vs keeper goals and shit!!

  15. fuck me its not soccer is FOOTBALL we invented it we called it football if we wanted to call it soccer then we would

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