Fifa 11 – ‘IM BACK’ Ft- Dider Drogba AntoHolland (Forum) Feedback ON Anything YOU WANT TO SEE AND Indication UP TO MY FORUM GUYS ITS AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING Thanks for all you patince
Video Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “Fifa 11 – ‘IM BACK’ Ft- Dider Drogba AntoHolland”

  1. Either do another against the odds or just do quick ranked matche’s and post them
    Thumbs up for antoholland being a legend!

  2. FIFA Manager 2011 ? Interesting.. looking forward to FIFA 11 videos, would love to see a manager mode , just please choose some 3 or 4 star team, not Chelsea 😀

  3. @antoholland Drogba is stupidly overrated on this game. Along with Ibrahimovic they are just unplayable in the right hands (namely yours)

  4. @antoholland Haha, im just getting sick of fifas gameplay, same passing, shooting,skill needs to be more like pro like when you hit a ball its not going to do the same thing; go up, dip down and the keeper catches it thats fifas shooting in a nutshell im afraid, maybe im being critical but im bored of it…

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