Fifa 11 – ‘IM BACK’ Ft- Dider Drogba AntoHolland (Forum) Feedback ON Anything YOU WANT TO SEE AND Indication UP TO MY FORUM GUYS ITS AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING Thanks for all you patince
Video Rating: four / five

25 thoughts on “Fifa 11 – ‘IM BACK’ Ft- Dider Drogba AntoHolland”

  1. ULTIMATE TEAM uses good players and show in depth tactics on getting them like when to bid

  2. Either do another against the odds or just do quick ranked matche’s and post them
    Thumbs up for antoholland being a legend!

  3. FIFA Manager 2011 ? Interesting.. looking forward to FIFA 11 videos, would love to see a manager mode , just please choose some 3 or 4 star team, not Chelsea 😀

  4. @antoholland Drogba is stupidly overrated on this game. Along with Ibrahimovic they are just unplayable in the right hands (namely yours)

  5. @antoholland Haha, im just getting sick of fifas gameplay, same passing, shooting,skill needs to be more like pro like when you hit a ball its not going to do the same thing; go up, dip down and the keeper catches it thats fifas shooting in a nutshell im afraid, maybe im being critical but im bored of it…

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