FA Cup Final 2010 – Chelsea’s goal attempts and Drogba’s goal

Chelsea’s goal attempts from the FA Cup Last, Saturday 15 May possibly 2010, like Drogba’s target. Unique pitchside footage of Cech and James speaking at half time. David James’ incredible saves, plus Chelsea’s Drogba, Lampard and Kalou’s attempts on target that maintain hitting the woodwork. Ultimately, Drogba’s aim and the Chelsea team’s celebrations.
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15 thoughts on “FA Cup Final 2010 – Chelsea’s goal attempts and Drogba’s goal”

  1. @ABoyInEngland whats your point? what if we score from set pieces? at least we scored six goals and three points.

  2. Anyone reading this… next time you watch Chelsea, watch how many goals or chances come from set pieces, they get on the edge of the area and fall over. look at them against West Brom.. first 3 goals all from set plays.

  3. kalou has got to be the worst player for chelsea
    why didnt he get released, instead of joe cole or ballack

  4. drogba is the greatest finisher drogba takes freekicks drogba is great in the air drogba is strong drogba got pace even at 32 drogba can shoot from distcance drogba got flair drogba got a great first touch drogba is a great team player drogba got 130 minutes playtime stamina thumbs up if u think drogba is the greatest player on EARTH

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