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F. A. CUP is the most prestigious trophy in England with wonderful teams like Liverpool, Manchester United and a host of others possessing a excellent taste of the trophies encounter. Chelsea with the invention of Roman Abramovich as the new proprietor of the former London personal club, has not win the F A Cup because Abramovich arrivals as the operator signing Jose Morinho as the new handle on 2 June, 2004 and recruiting gamers like Didier Drogba, Claude makelele, Michael Essin, costest Chelsea transfer Andfriy shevchencjo, and the host of other individuals. Chelsea has a team has win the F A Cup formerly in 1970, 1997 and 2000 bit has been identified wanting the winners listing because the change of ownership. For them the street tot eh ultimate is explained to be simple playing clubs like Norwich, Nottingham forest and might other underrated sides but the semi final encounter would seem far more hard for them profitable the encounter in the extraction with Michael Ballack late aim. Manchester United in the other hand are great facet possessing won the cup on the many occasion 1909, 1948, 1963, 1977, 1983, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999 and 2004. the United aspect which is referred to as the most profitable side in the history of English football have number of issues to play for as opposed to their opponent playing for a clean record beneath new operator. United’s way to the ultimate is rather stated to be a difficult of other people. The united started it all effectively and to most footballers fan round the planet it was an acceptable prediction that United will tarry the F A record day of Chelsea underneath new operator. The a lot awaited day come as all roads leads tot eh freshly made ultramodern wembley stadium. Each sides carry out up to expectation but united had been wasteful with Rijan Giggs blasting away Paul Scholes fantabulous pass. Rooney make great moves but could not convert any. Chelsea on their facet make incredible chances with Didier Drogba’s free kick hitting the facet aim post and Frank Lampard brief hitted the net top rated. Past every sensible doubt Guy Utd did the taking part in but to may possibly amazement Chelsea the scoring. United had been near to scoring has Rijan Giggs converted Rooney’s pass wrongly and Peter Cech was there to prevent the ball from going to the net. Chelsea make the day a file one particular with Didier Drogba’s one two pass with Frank Lampard which differentiate the two aspect Chelsea with that win shamed a lot of of their citics with that goal by scoring the way into the historical past guide making it forth F A CUP titled and very first beneath new ownerships. A lot of said United deserved the wining but fate militate against them some explained commitment fate, tactics approach perform for Chelsea’s which at any time way the F A CUP 2006/2007 has been made the decision and Chelsea are no doubt the winner. Bravo to the champions. There is no champion with out runners up Nravo to the loosing side Man UTD Bravo to the Alex Fergie’s facet.Segezy writes about sports activities, betting, religion, culture, art and other issues to discover more pay a visit to http://www.segkof.blogspot.com.

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