E-man – the next Balotelli?!? Or Drogba?!?

seven year old E-Man plays for Fairfax United U9 Travel Soccer group. This video clip was taken February 27, 2011 at an indoor match versus an older staff. Eman’s group won 22-7. We’re have our very own miniature Mario Balotelli! (even though E-Guy would say he’s much more like Messi) 🙂 His strikes are tough and his feet are soft.

5 thoughts on “E-man – the next Balotelli?!? Or Drogba?!?”

  1. Strike at 2:33 totally reminds me of Balotelli!! Of course, 2:10 ain’t bad either!

  2. Wow!! Congrats to you guys!! You have a very talented young man!!! Balotelli may be a good player but does not make a good role model due to his personality!!! haha Hey Eman has some power in his legs more like Drogba!!! Power striker!!! I wish him the best!! God bless you guys and your talented Eman!!

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