25 thoughts on “DROGBA’S FIRST 50 CHELSEA GOALS”

  1. Let’s be realist .. Drogba is a complete striker .. When he doesn’t score, he offers assits and if you doubt this go check his stats. He’s the most collective striker in the world.
    I would like to point out the fact that Drogba is the best player at headers .. Just go through his goals .. His headers are just amazing !

  2. @Chelseafan30 its called FORM!
    theyre both playing shit but theyre both better than Drogba when they hit top form, in my opinion anyway!

  3. @RazzaBeeDaSilva wat r u on! rooney has lost it. he’s barely scored any goals so far… he doesnt do anything. and wats torres done exactly, he cant do anything with a crap club

  4. chelsea have got arsenal next, c’mon chelsea, arsenal are missing fabregas and van persy

  5. @cfcyusuf11 that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard!
    ok its fair that you think Drogba is better than Rooney, i respect your opinion, but to say “not even near”… thats just sad! whoever we think is the best out of the two it is obviously near!!!

  6. @cfcyusuf11 only a clueless chelsea scumbag prick like you would think that!
    all players get injured, its got nothin to do with how good they are when they hit top form!
    rooney is fuckin class and not at all over rated, your just annoyed cos he had such a bad world cup, as did all the other england players and torres and messi and ronaldo! they all played shit, get over it!
    drogba is class but torres and rooney have more about them! rooney has a lot more!

  7. @RazzaBeeDaSilva Only brainwashed Manchester fuck faces would agree with you. Torres. He is a very good player, but injured alot. What about Drogba? he is Old, gets injured alot, and still OWNS. N Rooney? that bald headed fag is overrated.

  8. @cfcyusuf11 dont act like ive just said macheda n ngog are better u sad twat!
    im talkin about rooney n torres and many people would agree with me so fuck off!

  9. @intensegaming2 u know that drogba is the 6th highest chelsea scorer of all time! hes a african god

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