25 thoughts on “Drogba’s Disgrace: HIP HOP REMIX”

  1. Hey Chelski! Suck shit in regards to the penalty shoot-out with Everton in the FA Cup lol! Piss off you fucking bastards!

  2. @Xortao

    Chelsea deserved to be in the 2009 final, but Barcelona EARNED their spot in the 2009 final.

    Bad calls happen, but Barcelona did something at Stamford Bridge that Chelsea didn’t do at Camp Nou: score an away goal.

  3. @xanderxx8 say all you want, bullshit all you want. fact of the matter is, it’s not just me who says it but everyone else except Chelsea fans say it. they were taken over by a billionaire about 7-8 odd years ago and have only been a real threat in the league and in europe because of the ridiculous amounts of spending. Tell me what were chelsea before Abramovich? and by the way, teams like Arsenal, Man United and Liverpool. earned their money. something called success. an owner didn’t make them.

  4. You put so much emphasis on history and pride and glory….it dont mean shiit. ultimately its all about money whether it filthy or not. If you can come down from your high stool, you would see that the clubs would so called history are rich enough to buy the top players. Im rootin for the underdog, the likes of man city and the others strugling to get decent players because richer clubs got the cream of the crop due to their extensive network, supported by MONEY. think first you righteous prick.

  5. @Xortao difference between a club moved by money and a club made by money. what history has Chelsea got? nothing. all of a sudden they can become a world class team that should become Champions League winners just because a multi-billionaire has invested his filthy money into them. sorry but im not accepting that. yes, they were hard done on that night and in fact on many other occassions but my point is, it’s not in their destiny to win it. the day when a team like that wins it … shameful.

  6. @Moeine93 yes… chelsea
    its a club moved by money…. so are most of the premier league clubs… but if they played better than barça in that game, and with a good referee they would be in the final and probably would beat manchester.. who knows.. they were better that year than the year before… but for me i aprecciate more the little clubs that win the champions league than this rich multimillionaire clubs… Porto, Ajax, Marseille, Benfica or PSV.. these are true champions..

  7. @Xortao “the referee apearred to have been bought by barcelona” listen my friend and listen carefully. Any success that Chelsea have gained is based on a multi-billionaire owner who has bought them countless players for ridiculous amounts of money. without the owner, they wouldn’t dream of being in the top ten of the Premier League nevermind a semi final in the Champions league. and plus, they already got to the final against Man United. Wouldn’t want that embarressment again.

  8. @Moeine93 hahaha… are you kidding me??? this was when they played with barcelona at the semi final in london and the referee was a f*** disgrace!! chelsea diserved to pass to the final because they were way better than barcelona in that game!! the referee apearred to have been bought by barcelona..

  9. @GlADiiySsOou drogba dis ke c une honte (rapoort a l’arbitrage nula chier de cte demi) e ls journalistes disent k’il ora surment a sexcuser

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