Drogba’s call to arms on June 20th

Drogba has the world’s consideration and intends to make the most of it. But it’s not a game. On June 20th, all eyes will be on Drogba. Assist him finish AIDS in Africa. Lace Up Help save Lives and join the battle in opposition to HIV/AIDS [website link to RED landing page]
Video clip Rating: four / five

18 thoughts on “Drogba’s call to arms on June 20th”

  1. H1N1 flu vaccinations cause false positive results on the HIV test up to 4 months after getting the shots – video from Brazil news at hivquestions

  2. @bkyee18 , naw..I think “cal to arms” is referencing to the time when Drogba called for a cease fire in his native Ivory Coast and both sides actually dropped their arms. So naturally now its world cup time and he calls to arms….and you get the rest

    (Pretty good for a Yank that knows nothing about the game…lol)

  3. drogba’s call to arms…is that like a joke by whoever titled this video since ya know he broke his arm?

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