25 thoughts on “drogba”

  1. info fans: only what is needed in football was finally to drive the video referee, to avoid the contested decision.
    See the world the revolutionary project IVSR net site (international virtual school referees). There is also a video on youtube MINICAM VIDEO REFEREE (how to see eye referee). And it is very important to make a lot of pressure on fans FIFA and UEFA representatives, but I myself can not do anything against the old (conservative) people who govern football..

  2. Quero ver,ele fazer gol,na melhor seleção de futebol do mun do,temida por todas as outras,por ser chamada de BRASIL…Nós temos KAKÁ,RONALDINHO,PATO,DANIEL ALVES,LUÍZ FABIANO.e muitos outros craques,que criam e dão o maior show de bola,do qual todos aplaudem e admiram!!

  3. im a chelsea fan and thats very honest but he has stopped all that diving crap this season and it wasnt diving he just went down too easy when hes challenged!

  4. LOL
    he dives like hes been shot
    im a united fan, and i appreciate his talents, think hes a awesome player
    but hes a bit of a prick
    sooo arrogant to

  5. well he doesn’t do that anymore sure you can agree with that. he simply is so passionate abt the game that his emotions rule him. but common no one is perfect he is just human. lets just appreciate his talent.

  6. because he cheats.
    i think hes a brilliant player
    strength pace precision
    but hes just always moaning and not in the essence and thrill of the game

  7. why do u detest such a talent. he simply is amazing and the best in what he does. either you learn to love him or you always end up being the looser cos he always wins. i just love him.

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