19 thoughts on “Drogba vs Vidic in Champions League Final 2008”

  1. Any Chelsea fan knows that if it was vidic who slapped drogba, drogba would be rolling on the floor…

  2. @AMGRULEZ yea im red through and through, never hear the slogan KICK RACISM OUT OF FOOTBALL

  3. balls!!!>……..vidic was clearloy backing away..!!..pussy!..scared of the drog aintcha !

  4. would love to see nemanja beat the shite outta terry and drogba lol stupid little faggots

  5. @AMGRULEZ yo man, i dont care if drogba did something stupid, im not a chelsea, i hate chelsea but dont u ever call a black person a monkey u racist idiot..

  6. Terry you dirty horrible cunt. spitting in he’s hair, awful human beign

    Terry thought shit drogs gonna get fucked up i better grab vidic

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