25 thoughts on “Drogba top 10 goals”

  1. @SuperMango then how come Liverpool beat Chelsea, even without our star Fernando Torres who CHELSEA took, and without ANY of our new signings from the Jan. window?

  2. this is my opinion
    1.vs everton
    2.vs ac milan
    3. vs liverpool
    4.vs barca
    5. vs manu
    6.vs bolton (2009)
    7.vs inter
    8.vs bolton (longshot)
    9. vs newcatle
    10.vs hull

  3. drog scored vs liverpool – v similar to # 1 but had carragher all over him; in my view a much more accomplished goal

  4. stand your ass! toress on the door he is waiting to compete u. if u try your laziness our trust gonna shift to toress but u are still our best tho these days u suck like old sat.

  5. if your gna make a tribute video to didier drogba pick better goals than that hes scored much much better

  6. @bavly8 Thanks : ) anyone knows how i can write words with coloured background only with the words the the full page .. using windows movie maker pleasE?

  7. @bavly8 i know man i’m a chelsea fan but it’s the first 10 videos i found i only started like a month ago and that was my 2nd video : /

  8. dude no.6 and no.5 arent good. you also missed his awesome goal against liverpool a few years back. its very similar to the one against barca at no.4 except it was mirror images and a chest down with a left turn half volley awesome goal

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