25 thoughts on “Drogba, the Movie”

  1. Awesome player really! But, the fact that he is one of the biggest and strongest striker in EPL and still falls easier than a 10 year old girl is a bit odd.

  2. @explosiwe now also a top class free kick taker, where is this gonna end ? 😀

  3. wow, yeah he is incredible. every time i watch him play he always amazes me.

  4. why in christs name have you put this music over the top? awfull.

    the things that will stop drogba reaching genuine chelsea ledgend stauts is the way he comes across as such a twat in the press, he would leave happily if the right deal comes along. that and his reputation for diving.

  5. @BigMac63 well, i thing is early in the premier championship
    just wait bloody bastard and then speak 🙂

  6. @bettermangdl well you sir are a pompus fool to think united will win this year

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