Drogba Signed For 2nd Spell

There is no doubt that Didier Drogba is a Chelsea legend after all what he has done in the club it really comes as no surprise to anyone why the veteran forward is constantly being applauded whenever entering the pitch even though he has not scored a goal or have had any kind of significant impact in the match where he is performing.

Mourinho signed Drogba for his 2nd spell at Stamford Bridge in a one year long contract as the Ivorian attacker is now playing a player-manager role for Jose Mourinho but there are a series of doubts and questions being raised concerning if whether or not Drogba should be even playing in the main squad at all, specially taking into consideration the huge impact that Diego Costa has made ever since arriving to the Premier League.

John Obi Mikel has praised the work that Didier Drogba has been doing since making his return to Stamford Bridge as Mikel expressed his joy of seeing Drogba playing once more for Chelsea and even though he has not made a goal-scoring influence to the team, just having his presence in the squad is great for everyone.

Despite Drogba’s age, Mikel is sure that the striker still has plenty to offer in the Premier League as the Nigerian midfielder of Chelsea told reporters:

“I’m glad to have him back, it’s like his home. He’s fitting in perfectly well again. It’s like he never went away. It’s good for the team because he’s a big player and a big personality. I thought when he’s gone, he’s gone, but then I thought about it a bit more and I realized it could happen because of the connection that the gaffer and Didier have always had.”