25 thoughts on “Drogba Loses it! – Full Version”

  1. Fuck me in the ass. If only Van Persie wouldn’t have gotten that dang red card they would have won….
    I’m not defending your barcelona claims that they “cheat”, but get the fuck over it. Cheat or not they still play beautiful football

  2. Wenn ich ehrlich bin:

    Danke Drogba, dass zeigt, dass es nicht allen Spielern nur am Geld liegt, sondern auch am Erfolg!

  3. uefa are corrupt bastards they are so biased against english teams take arsenal for instance how the fuck was that a red card one second between the whistle and van persie kicking the ball. wtf is the point of doing a european cup if it isnt a fair match drogba had every right to say that.

  4. Look at them Spanish pussies celebrating ,you bastards no matter how much you try to look as a great team,you just achieve to look as the team that has done the biggest cheats on the history of this game,and i don’t watch football anymore not after this match.

  5. @omaraliosman yh now it happened to arsenal aswell fuck norway u will never go to da final of champions league

  6. @slicktheflash hahaha barca are good but the only reason they are so dominant is cuz of refs. robin van red card was bs

  7. barca win because of open play great goals not cheap pussy penalties. drobga is still an awesome player, he just needs to relax.

  8. Change the eyes referees or don’t take money, because Bitchelona go to the next round.

  9. @milanfan215 :O :O :O
    what happend in this game that was so bad?? are you serious
    champions leauge semi final against barcalona. it was 1-1 but chlsea were denied 3 clear penalty shouts from this curropt reff, therefore chelsea went out of the cup on away goals, and barca went on the win the champions leauge that season

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