15 thoughts on “Drogba Junior aka Nikolo and Didier Drogba”

  1. I am from Ghana and Drogba is my greatest African striker ever,anytime he miss a chance i think about it the whole week and it hurts me a lot .i pray that ,he will win the champions league with chelsea one day.

  2. DROGBA RULES ::: he could play for france but he knows his roots and thatswhy he played for ivory coast… actually i’m from eritrea(east africa) but i support ivory coast—-J’ESPIRE QUE LES ELEFANT VONT GAGNER LE COUPE DE MONDE ::: haha sry my french isn’t perfect … so forgive me for possible mistakes

  3. there are too many players who are born and raised in africa, and ends up playing for the french national team. Drogba plays with his heart. He plays for the Ivory Coast, his country and people, and not for France, like too many others…

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