25 thoughts on “Drogba Interview”

  1. drogba is just a beast. god knows how the fuck Rooney won the award last year! biased! Hail the Drogs

  2. @jaggededge213 What are you talking about? You called the guy a nigger, which is racist.

  3. The Drog is immense, £24 million well spent by the Chelsea board and at 32, still feel there’s plenty more to come from him.

  4. yo everybody needs to chill out..al i did was comment on the guys hair.. i did not use any racial bigotry nor did I knock his game..dudes got a bad perm deal with it!

  5. @jaggededge213 he will score on your gay ass then go to your house and fuck your baby mama

  6. @elequentum maybe he got pushed wat if he fell not dived u little shit u an your fav player well never be as gud as him

  7. @jaggededge213

    Come on now- don’t be jealous. Just cuz he’s big, black, handsome, talented and your girlfriend likes him…

  8. @elequentum fuck you racist cunt! drogba is a better player than you can ever be in 50 years. drogba is top 4 best strikers in the world. true he does dive at times but he is an extremely talented football player.

  9. @backoswacko10 coupled with a degree from the university of Performing arts?
    did he major in diving? i can’t remember

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