25 thoughts on “Drogba Goal vs. ManU FA Cup Final”

  1. @gironashah

    Read your history.Perhaps the chair you are sitting on is made of steel stolen from Africa.Whites needed Africa first

  2. I remember watching this.. me and my dad went fucking nuts when he scored.. so happy 😀 x

  3. @gironashah LMFAO ur name doesn’t sound white…. DIDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEERR FUCKS EVERY TEAM IN THE WORLD!

  4. fuck u black monkey we hate you,,,,,,,,,,,where r english white player in english teams,,,,,

  5. I’m sure all you Chelsea fans would swap the fa cup for the champions league trophy that United won against you in 08. HA HA HA!

  6. @R9LegenderyFenomeno
    not winning? did chelsea not win the premier league last year and the fa cup again? Come on man im a man utd fan but theres no need to be a pathetic arsehole and talk about things that dont make sense

  7. @R9LegenderyFenomeno are they fuck you know nothin of football u prick … tell ya what!! start puberty then we will talk

  8. @R9LegenderyFenomeno what? Sorry who scored 103 goals last year? And u must be a pretty fucking pahtetic and desperate Manu Fan if ur watching a Video of Chelseas glory and just hating on chelsea fans. Your just starting shit on a video that you probably hate.

  9. @FrankLampardd08 Yeah that’s the clearst penalty that you’ll ever see, if you’re part-blind, Chelsea tried to buy the league, and are still not winning.

  10. @FootyManDave The best football club in England, who are Chelsea? Oh yeah, they’re the guys that will probably go to the Europa League next year. MUFC 4 ever!

  11. This must have been watched by a shit load of people. FA cup Final + 2 biggest teams in the world + best league = big audience

  12. I’m a Man United fan and believe we can take the title. Just ’cause City buy all their players for 25mill doesn’t mean they are a team. Trust me, it won’t be a while til City win anything.

  13. @RyZiN2k7 you’re an idiot. Man city will end up raping United for the title and Chelsea will end up in 4fth place. Also, i am a manchester united fan.

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