12 thoughts on “Didier Drogba The worlds best striker //Invaders must die//”

  1. if u look at 29sec mark you see that the stadium says ravens.com, did chelsea come to the u.s. to play?

  2. hey man you have taken almost everything from Valle1403 and Kunit 67. Make youre own video !

  3. i agree drogba is the best striker in the premiership not sure if hes the best in the world although i think this year is his last at chelsea i might be wrong

  4. wow great video i hope rooney will be better tho but plz can u tell me the name of the song

  5. Rooney is not the best striker im sorry, but he can not do what drogba does in front of goal. Drogba is the worlds most feared striker in the world and the most lethal when he is in the mood he can tear defences apart….on his own lol

  6. @YakuzaPlayboy I would agree with you since i’m a manutd fan and rooney is my favourite striker in the world. But drogba was out for than rooney due to injury AND the Africa cup of nations, he had less apearances and scored more goals. Rooney is easily just behind him (for 2009-10) but this year, i hope Rooney will prove me wrong to be the best striker i the world.

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