Didier Drogba on the FA Cup

Didier Drogba shares his thoughts with Chelsea Tv soon after the three- win in opposition to Aston Villa in the FA Cup Semi Ultimate at Wembley.

25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba on the FA Cup”

  1. i think drogba is better than rooney ,every body hates him because he is black ??

  2. @zuper666 Dream on. Man Utd is on the decline. None of the younger players can fill the shoes of Cantona, a younger Ryan Giggs or 2008/2009 C.Ronaldo. Not even Rooney.

    And Fergie the senile coot made some poor decisions. His team can’t play a decent football game, so he plays mind games at press conferences and interviews.

    Man City to THRASH Man Utd,

  3. “Four points down from Chelsea but the blues are sure to fail, like Terry towards the goal as Manchester then took the crown / Forever they will be the fucking scum of west London, because Chelsea are such cunts, cunts, cunts”…haha

  4. DROGBA rules.damn he is the BEST.CHAMPIONS 2009-2010.

  5. @zuper666 didn’t macheda also handball his goal? a handball goal is easier than an offside goal lol

  6. cheating fucking black cunt. diving faggot. chelsea cunts get all the disions. they didnt deseve a draw against bolton.2 pen claims swept aside. blatant offside goal given at old trafford. chelsea are fuck all this year. utd will restrengthen n rule once more next year.

  7. your lucky to still be in the FA cup, Aston Villa were denied a blatant penalty and John Terry should have been sent off, that could have changed the whole game.

  8. it would be easier if Essien was playing, but oh well, im pretty sure Chelsey will win the cup again

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