20 thoughts on “Didier Drogba interview after Barcelona game in the Champions League (2-2)”

  1. 1 year was enough but this endinng is simply best.He wins with his last kich as Chelsea player Champions League.It was right time to leave Chelsea.I don’t want to see him leave as player who can’t play anymore the same he did in past.

  2. Didier leave us.Chelsea offer him contract but this is end of era and in perfect way.

  3. Torres is a professionnal rather than getting a chance by Di Mateo he should TAKE it himself by scoring like Drogba, simple, Di Mateo is not a babysitter, Drogba had to compete against Crespo, Schvencheko, Anelka to deserve his status that is probably why he was so efficient,If Torres need help to shine maybe he’s not the kind of striker Chelsea need ?! Remember, this is Chelsea FC not Liverpool, We’re Blue and Proud !

  4. Why should he step aside ? I dont get it.He should be playing because he is still good. The only that should matter is his ability to score and win games

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