25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba – Interview – 27.04.09 By TomScoF”

  1. sexy!!!!!1 omg and the best soccer player amongst other players who are awesome. ooh and his voice!!!!! I cant wait for the next world cup

  2. Mr.Drogba…. If I got to say anything to him, It would be “Teach me to be like you!”

  3. Drogba restera à chelsea il l’a dit à la fin
    mais je suis d’accord avec lui l’ambiance au bridge est passable mais elle pourrait etre beaucoup mieux

  4. Marseille en force , drogba ne nous a pas oublier et nous non plus , putin il manque grave ce joueur , MARSEILLE ! MARSEILLE ! MARSEILLE ! MARSEILLE !

  5. I am a huge Liverpool fan, but I love Drogba. One of my favorite players because I have so much respect for him.

  6. Am a big fan of Drogba’s whole aura, his game, his realness(good, bad and indifferent)on and off the pitch, very passionate about life and also a philanthropist. Drogba you are truly talented and God Bless u and urs.

  7. I love how he says Chelsea at the end with that smile.
    Drogba is an amazing man, and he’s very smart, mature, and likable.

  8. I like him.
    One of the footballers that I really like not just because they talent….

  9. Amazing vid. He is one of the best strikers in the world and Drogba will stay for a long time, but not forever..

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