Didier Drogba – I’m The Best | 2009-2010

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25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba – I’m The Best | 2009-2010”

  1. @infeted14 unlike messi? you don’t dont know what the hell your talking about…messi always covers for daniel alves, drogba helps in defence because he can jump and head, messi helps by double teaming on an opponent, something every barca player does..

  2. @Martinez1887 drogba is a lot stronger than messi – much much stronger….and helps a hell of a lot in defence…unlike messi!

  3. @edthebowker 10 times?? don’t think so! you mean cause most of the defences in the premiership are better…as it is a better league

  4. one of the best strikers the world of footbal has ever known.too bad that he is very close to retirement:((

  5. In lal Liga there is 10 times more golas than the prem only cos the defence is so slow if it isn’t Barca or Madrid

  6. ele é o melhor avançado do mundo sem duvidas , é que nem o Torres e o Eto’o chegam aos calcanhares dele

  7. @chelsea7amadagangsta messi is alot without xavi and iniesta…
    dont hate on messi he is a beast.
    drogba tho i still think is the best striker on earth. strength speed accurate and powerful shots and amazing finishing…better than villa. villa would be snapped like a twig in the EPL

  8. drogba is the best striker in the world and fuck the haters .. messi is nothing without xavi iniesta and alves .. he is almost lost without them .. drogba can do anything by himself .. didier is a beast

  9. @Fly2theSora
    how come athletico won the euroleague? and not some english team, also sevilla won it, its never english teams, and you say the teams below are better than the spanish ones.
    messi destroyed many big teams, def. more than drogba, when did drogba score 4 goals against arsenal or any other bigger team?
    drogba is a joke compared to messi, messi was twice in a row topscorer of the champions league, and he just turned 23, drogba was never topscorer of the cl and hes older than 30

  10. @Martinez1887 Give it a rest Ronaldo scored 30+ goals in as many 30+ apperances, while Chelsea and ManU may have shared the PL trophy these last years it doesnt change the fact that teams below have been giving them a hell lot of hardwork to get where they got – you cant compare Chelsea and ManU to Barca and Reals 20+ point lead, you cant. And as I said, Arsenal had Silvestre as centre defence, how slow isnt he!? Messi hasnt destroyed any team with real defences, which is why I point CFC/INT.

  11. @Fly2theSora
    chelsea and manu are dominating the prem the same way, and barca would dominate la liga too, messi destroyed arsenal with 4 goals.
    you think drogba can show something by himself? every great player needs great teammates.
    what did robinho in la liga? he did nothing, la liga is much better than the prem, ronaldo will never be topscorer of la liga, in england he could do that

  12. @Martinez1887 Messi passes 5 players because La Liga is a league without defence where two teams lead by 20+ points by the end of the season. When Xavi and Iniesta doesnt turn up, Messi cant showcass anything alone when he meets real defences like Chelsea and Inters. And besides, I dont really belive Messi passing 5 players and scoring almost every game, sounds way too exaggarated to be honest. But then again, in La Liga players like Robinho can do that, but in PL they couldnt. No Xavi/Iniesta.

  13. @Fly2theSora
    messi creats goals by himself all the time, drogba is the one who scores easy tap ins all the time, when do you see drogba passing 5 players and scoring? never! thats what messi does in almost every game, what would xavi and iniesta be without messi? hes barcas best player, and without him, they would never be as good as they are.
    i didnt see anything from drogba in the cl last season, he never won the cl, what did he in the final 08? nothing

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