24 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Hollywood Audition CHELSEA VS NAPOLI 2012”

  1. Thats not a dive you fucktards. Drogba is covering the eye that was fucking hit while he is look up. It’s not a fucking dive.
    How do you react if you get hit in the eye or poked in the eye somehow? You cover the eye because it hurts of course, you don’t have to keep the other eye covered forever aswell. You fucking monkeys.

  2. Sad how everyone who wants a top comment just mentions Barca or Busquets. He’s the only one in their whole squad (except perhaps Dani Alves espescially 4 Brazil) who would do shit like this and he aint a massive stacked tonk Ivorian, he’s a weedy lanky cracker with no strength or pace

  3. @zizttt it’s a f@£king disgrace! I think drogba knows very well who said those words.

  4. when he opened his eye, someone should have been ready to stick 6 studs in it !!!

  5. Drogba prossimo candidato agli Oscar come miglior attore non protagonista. 😉 !

  6. all these ppl saying this is a disgrace you wouldnt say dat bout your club though niggas

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