25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Goals!”

  1. @WaterGhost I think ya’ve forgot petr cech… Greatest goalie ever!!!!!! Chelsea foreva!!! Peace man

  2. @WaterGhost yeh……ure right………drogba=in forward, lampard and essine= midfield and terry=defense………..without them , The Typical Chelsea wont exist !!!!

  3. An updated video should include his performance to set up both of Chelsea’s goals last night.

  4. I think so too. Our performances in Europe will pick up when he comes back from suspension.

  5. he is till very much in his prime i think he proved dat in the champions league

  6. Cool Vid. Drogba is a brilliant player, and hes very powerful, I think he ruins that by diving, and he runs on confidence imo. once he gets his confidence up the top like in 06 he was the best striker out there. I think with Ancelotti he will shine liek he did with mourinho and age wont affect him till hes 33 or so.

    blues for life 🙂

  7. ahh what is this song. heard it in the resi evil movie but i dont know what it is xD

  8. coman didier drogba best striker in the world fabouls goal 2:46 comen chelsea chelsea are the best fuck manu the fucking cheaters and the liverpool bastards

  9. Drogb ever the best st of the world chelsea one drogba :S er soll für immer bleiben!!

  10. drogba es el jugador mas veloz que yo he visto y hace unos goles estupendos y corre igual como un guepardo

  11. Drogba, Lampard, Terry, and Essien are Chelsea’s saving graces. Without them, we are lost.

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