23 thoughts on “Didier Drogba – Goals For Chelsea”

  1. yep since the time i sent that message i take it back, anelka is finding his form and hes made some impact, this is why scolari is such a great man because he can get 100% out of players. but yeah hopefully drogba will hit his top form like anelka

  2. i agree that drogba gets the crowd all worked up…but give anelka credit for scoring for us(Chelsea) in the absence of drogba this season

  3. When Anelka does manage to score, does he celebrate? no. Hard to get behind a guy like that. Drogba is quality

  4. Well, what can i say?
    even as a United supporter, you gotta admit, this guy is just CLASS!

    I find him as one of the worlds best strikers. I would even go as far as saying he is better than the overrated Raul, stars like Shevchenko, Cruz, Adriano (all in their best days ofc).

    This guy (whether you dispise him or not) is just one of the freaking best strikers.

    Although i hate Chelsea, i love Drogba.

  5. Wat r u talkin about? he hasn’t even been offered by Barca. just cuz he wants 2 doesn’t mean he’ll go.

  6. fuck of blues!!
    didier drogba geht zu mourinho´s inter mailand
    drogba is the best
    chelsea is shit

  7. drogba is the best chelsea fc striker ever , mark my words drogba is brill,you either hate hi or love.believe in his feet

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