25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Goal Against Barcelona On April 18th 2012”

  1. great ball by ramires, but a better ball from lampard to start the move. the legend was always going to finish that. side note, awful goalkeeping from valdes. that guy is the most overrated goalie in the world

  2. Drogba is the strongest center forward I have seen and he’s a phenomenal player. One of my favorites along with Van Persie, Fernando Torres and CR7 but I kinda expected he wouldnt stay after winning the CL. He’s already a legend. He had to leave so Chelsea can start rebuilding and saying farewell to the old guard. This season will probably be Lampard’s last. Then another season or 2 after that and Terry will leave too.

  3. Yes he is 34 but ask Lampard and he will tell you that Drogba is physically stronger than most in that squad. He could go out on a high in two years. As for Torres, lol, i dont think so, but i hope he steps up. Sturridge and Lukaku are inexperienced and would have greatly benefited from 2 more years of Drogba being in that squad.

  4. Why not leave on a high? You can’t expect Didier to keep going strong at 34. Didier is my favorite striker in the world because he knows how to show up for big games but Chelsea must move on and build for the future. Sounds corny and probably ridiculous but Fernando Torres will be Chelsea’s future and I have hope for him. If not then Sturridge or Lukaku

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