25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba & Fernando Torres Celebrating Winning The FA Cup Final 2012”

  1. @Sunvalley92 We have a song for kalou. Hes been warming chelsea’s bench past 6-7 years.

  2. You definitely don’t see my point here mate. You Chelsea fans does just care about your starting players, your best players. Man, a football club is like a family and you shall always support every player on the team. Don’t call your benchwarmers garbage, start with that. We even have a song for Maxi!

  3. Critics like you do not know how important they make us look. Just a pity that we have always dissapointed you. Call it luck, fate or what so ever, AS FOR MUA, It s a GOOD team PlaY… Huh?

  4. This is just an appetizer, GO! Get us the Champions League. Its going to be 11 aside. YOU can do it!

  5. because Chelsea are a world class team (Europe’s best team along with Bayern Munich) that their expectations are high… average players will be called heroes at Liverpool because they don’t have the high expectation Chelsea have obviously. it’s like saying Swindon call their benchwarmers Heroes whereas Barcelona call their benchwarmers garbage

  6. The difference between Chelsea fans and Liverpool fans. Chelsea call their banchwarmers garbage and Liverpool call Brad Jones a hero for saving a penalty. Liverpool is such a class club.

  7. LMFAO!!! good team play? an own goal good team play? keeper giving the ball away twice good team play? John Terry slipping good team play? all your goals are a joke! sets it straight, only way you can beat the champions league finalists is by luck and wait… it was literally a reserve team, the only first team players were JT Ivanovic ramires and Torres. if Mata,Lampard,Bosingwa,Drogba,Ashley Cole,Mikel and Cech played we would’ve easily won. JT = best defender in EPL, one bad game that’s it.

  8. No, no they didn’t Carroll outplayed Terry all day, the goals wasn’t luck it was good team play that got are goals not luck, we was unlucky in the cup final 2 if you wanna go there, anyway it about time your team beat us ain’t it good luck with lifting your first champions league cup can’t see it happening with the team your playing though and anyway you keep saying you had a second team out we didn’t have are first team out so what you going on about, lol.

  9. Chelsea scored the only good goal of the game, that’s what they did. Torres hit the cross bar. you should be ashamed… all Liverpool’s goals vs Chelsea in the FA cup and on Tuesday were the most luckiest goals of the season. pretty funny how you need luck to beat our second team haha 😉 if Cech , Super Frank,Mata,Bosingwa played i would’ve guranteed you Torres would’ve came out with a hat-trick. too bad he was playing with garbage like Turnbull who can’t prove he’s even worthy as a goalkeeper.

  10. But you was assuming I support Liverpool, could be true could not be true, you don’t know 🙂
    Your best striker is Drogba, hands down even though I can’t stand the bloke.

  11. Please explain to me again what Torres did at Anfield on Tuesday night? 🙂 No wait what Chelsea did at Anfield more like.

  12. i saw the video of him in the locker room he was celebrating he just doesnt dance or go crazy

  13. Have you seen the picture of him in the Chelsea dressing room that was leaked on twitter? If not dont reply

  14. youre a retard pepe reina is his best friend and felt bad for him and some of his other friends on liverpool and he was celebrating on the pitch when he received the trophy and stuff and he was celebrating a bit in the dressing room..if youve ever seen him hes always been a subdued quiet guy even when he won the euro 2008 and world cup he wasnt dancing and stuff…if you actually followed him or football youd know that but im sure glory hunting and trolling do you just fine

  15. most people that say things like that are liverpool supporters lol and i guess not but most players arent but i think next year he’ll have a bigger impact with the signings they are making to help get him the ball

  16. He hates chelsea. He spent 20 minutes in the liverpool dressing room and when they won the cup he sat looking at the floor for 15 minutes while the “old guard” that run the club danced

  17. When did I say I support Liverpool? XD
    All am saying is his not worth the 50m you paid, ok when he first was at liverpool he was worth 50m, was one of the best in world football but now, no way 25m, MAX.

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