25 thoughts on “Didier Drogba Dressing Room Celebrations”

  1. @ all manu(re) supporters who didn’t have anything to say when their so called “beloved team” was playing like shite:

    when i wrote my little piece several months ago, we were killing it. things have obviously changed since then. however, none of you bandwagon-jumpers-with-no-heart had anything to say back then and now all of a sudden you want to start chirping and “supporting” your team. i support my club, rain or shine. I don’t hide when we lose.

    all of you can get fucked.


  2. @brownONE416 Haha whats that about Nani being overrated and Man Utd not winning any silverware this season? I cant hear you over the 10 point gap between Chelsea and Man U hahahaha buying Torres might help you beat Liverpool, but it won’t save your season

  3. @thewammistro stop talking about the past, but didnt we beat u in the champions league final in moscow? this year manchester’s year its almost impossible for chelsea to win the premier league, but i still want chelsea to finish in the top 4(i hate tottenham) and im a big fan of torres 🙂

  4. @FootballUnited011 thats why u were beaten twice i repeat twice by us last season an now torres has become a blue dont forget u still havent played us this season an when the time comes you will lose remember what torres did to vidic = ) remember what drogba did to vidic = )

  5. @brownONE416 dont worry my blue brother we just had an unlucky start to the season with all the injuries that were sustained to our experienced players an drogba with the whole malaria thing weakened him but now we are back on our feet an racing to the title an with all of my blue heart i promise you we will give man u a run for the title they still havent played us yet and we have two new brilliant signing torres an drogba will dismantle vidic an ferdinand an arsenal or man city can steal a win

  6. wtf a bunch of grown men gettting hammered with little kids in the room lol. still funny though

  7. @brownONE416 thats y we’re 10 points, i repeat 10 points, ahead of u …

  8. @brownONE416 Hehe, it’s amazing to see how things can change so quickly. I also had Chelsea as favourites of winning the league, although I knew it would be tough, given the fact of how well United are. Although I have to say that you are completely wrong about Nani. He is without doubts one of the best wingers in the world right now together with Ronaldo. And Hernandez has been beyond fantastic. It seems like Chelsea are getting back on their feet which should make the rest of the season great!

  9. @yousefakon

    obviously things have shifted since i wrote this mate. however i will be content if Citeh continues to backslide and fight among each other and if we beat you on the 1st of March. We’ve got Bolton tomorrow and after that we’ll see where things are headed.

    i will remind you that when i commented before we were unbeaten, averaging four goals per game and had conceded only one goal to that cheeky Scott Parker.

    next time act like you have some pride in your club and speak up sooner.

  10. @brownONE416 ….
    I’d like you to look at the team stats up to date and post that comment again 🙂

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