24 thoughts on “Didier Drogba : China Fans welcome Drogba and sing the team song”

  1. Damn it sounded like whole nation of china was singing didier drogba na na na na na

  2. The workers clearly have no interest in doing their job protecting Drogba but rather more concerned with taking that golden photo to take home and upload on to facebook LOL

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  7. Welcoming a ape? must be those gullible stupid naive chinese people who see non-chinese as superior OR maybe they are just welcoming him because they only want him to score goals and make money for the team, doesnt mean they like bkacks. We Chinese are too smart and intelligent to see blacks/africans as human beingsFACT-

  8. don’t talk about a country unless you’ve lived there……….stop watching the media

  9. Every country has racism, but the thing is some people are retarded enough to be sucked into racism. Racism is stupid, it should be rid of.

  10. ليت من جآب مسؤولين الامن بهالمطار ويعلم مطآر الملك خالد كيف تنظم الجمهور -_-

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